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A type of insurance that pays all your medical expenses is known as health insurance. Health insurance sometimes also includes long-term nursing, disability and custodial care. An insurance that insures your life by paying you if one gets disabled. Disability insurance is the answer to the question “if I am unable to work how I will pay my living expenses”.

Lon-term care insurance is also stated as LTCI. It is a type of insurance which is most commonly used in UK and USA. It insures your life after predetermined period is over. Health insurance can be provided by ether a private company or directly by government to the customers. Health insurance, if purchased in group by a firm or a company for its employees, gets discount. One has to pay the premium of the health insurance plan. This premium can be monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Evolution and history of health insurance: –

Around the 1880’s, people buoyed the accidental insurance which busted out to be a blessing in disguise for those who got injured in accidents. The term health insurance was originated in late 1880’s. Earlier health plans offered compensation only when the victim suffers from an injury during accident. However at that instant of time the persons were prone to more injuries which were related to some other circumstances, therefore it helping in preparing the people for some more comprehensive types of plans which were installed later by insurance companies. There were people who couldn’t pay off their monthly fees but still they were in need for having protection afforded by insurance. This was the term when the employee health insurance gained popularity and become common among them. Before the Second World War ended in 1945 there were around hundreds of businesses who offered health insurance if someone works for them in exchange.

How health insurance plan works: –

There are many terms that are used in reference to the health insurance. Some of them are: –

1.    Deductible: – it is the amount of money that a customer has to pay from his pocket out of the total expenses. This can be fixed for a year or a percentage each time one pays for his health.

2.    Copayment: – it is the amount of money that a customer has to pays each time he takes a service. For exampleFind Article, the visiting charger of a doctor has to be paid by the costumer.

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